How to choose a Sewing Machine for Kids

Before you make an investment in a sewing machine for kid you should first have some knowledge of sewing machines and which ones are suitable for kids so that you will be capable of making an educated decision.

Sewing machines can be expensive so you don’t want to buy the first sewing machine you see at the store and potentially throw away a lot of money. Your kid won’t be able to use just any old sewing machine; in fact, people of all ages have preferences when it comes to which sewing machine they like to use.

Other than the fact that they can all do at least basic sewing, sewing machines are vastly different from each other with their features, versatility, user-friendliness, and performance qualities – just to name a few.

Ask Your Kid

Let your kid have a voice in the matter. Remember that, ultimately, they are the one that are going to be using the machine so they should have a little bit of input on which machine you end up buying.

Yes, it’s coming out of your pocket so you shouldn’t let them talk you into a machine that is way over your budget and you shouldn’t cave in to their pleading for one of the flimsy character themed machines, but you also need to let them feel like they have a relevant opinion in the discussion. Unless the sewing machine is a surprise gift, of course.

What Do Kids Usually Like?

What kids like in a sewing machine can be subjective but generally speaking kids like the bright colored machines, and if they have pictures on them like the Janome Magnolia machine has with flowers in the bottom corner, then that’s a bonus. It sounds stereotypical towards kids but if people are being honest, even most adults would prefer a bright colored machine as opposed to a plain white machine.

Janome has a range of machines that are aimed at kids like their Hello Kitty machine. Janome is a high caliber brand so most of their machines are of good standard but you should read some reviews on whichever machine you decide to buy, just in case. Particularly if you decide on one of the aforementioned Janome models that are aimed at kids because machines for kids tend to be of poor quality.

If your kid really loves a machine that has some personality to it but you don’t like the looks of the machines aimed at kids, you can just put stickers on the machine. That way you get the machine that you believe is the best quality for the money and your kid still gets to have a cute Hello Kitty design on the machine.

Age Differences

If your kid is only 6 or 7 years old you’re going to be looking for different features than the parent of a 10 or 11 year old would be looking for. A kid that is 6 years of age or under is going to feel more confident on a machine that has a few simple features that they’re able to understand right off the bat.

But a kid that is around 10 years old and up is going to be eager to try new features after they get used to the machine. At first they may prefer having very few features because it will seem more user-friendly but before long they will want to try different sewing techniques. Also, at this age you might also want to buy a machine that they can grow on.

Things to Keep in Mind

To sum it up, these are the things you should keep in mind when buying a sewing machine for your kids.

  • Userfriendly: This is the most important thing; it surpasses all other matters. User-friendly is an important aspect for everyone, no matter if the person is 5 or 50 years of age. However, with kids it’s obviously going to be even more crucial.
  • Finger Guard: It’s easy for a novice sewist to get their fingers in the way of the needle so even if you plan on supervising your kid whenever they’re using the machine it would still be wise to have a machine with the finger guard safety feature. It really hurts to stick yourself with a needle so even many adults make a point to avoid machines that don’t have a finger guard.

Unfortunately, this could limit your choices a bit, but the reality is that there are so many choices available that your choices being limited might actually be a good thing.

  • Name Brand: Get a well known name brand machine. You can skimp with many items but sewing machines are not one of them, particularly when it comes to sewing machines for kids because if you end up skimping you will probably end up with one of the cheap models that are very difficult to operate.

08 Jun 2015

How to do home repairs

How to Patch a Hole in Drywall

If you live in a home with holes on the drywall for some time now, you need not do so anymore. You also need not find a carpenter and pay too much for such a simple task. It is easy to know how to patch a hole in drywall just by browsing in the internet for instructions. To save you the trouble however, below are the instructions in teaching you how to patch a hole in drywall.

Firstly, there are two types of holes on drywall, the small hole and the big hole. You will be able to learn how to fix both types of holes with the instructions below. First off are the tools you will need which you have to prepare before you can do the patching.

Prepare the following before you start: plywood, drywall screws, utility knife, screwdriver, keyhole saw, sandpaper, drywall patch, fiberglass mesh tape, tape measure and putty knife.

To patch the small holes on your dry wall, simply cut out using a utility knife about two to three inch square in the area around the hole in the drywall. Then, you should stretch the fiberglass mesh tape for the drywall covering the hole and the square around it completely. You should then apply about a layer of joint compound till the edges blends into the wall. Using your putty knife, smooth the joint compound layer to be rid of the rough edges if any. Repeat the last two steps about 2 or 3 more times till the surface is already smooth. Finally, use a fine grit sandpaper to smoothen the final layer.

On the other hand, if you have a large hole to patch, what you need to do first is again cut a square around the hole either with a keyhole saw or a utility knife. Cut plywood about three to four inches larger than the hole and fasten it inside your square with the use of drywall screws. With a tap measure, find out the size f the hole and cut a drywall patch that will fit your opening including the square you cut. Next, you need to place the fiberglass mess tape for drywall around your patch’s edges. Then, apply the joint compound on the edges, several layers of it, till it dries between layers. As with the small holes, use a putty knife to smoothen the ridges and edges in between the coats of joint compound. Lastly, use a sandpaper to smoothen the final layer as well.

You no longer need to pay a carpenter now that you already know how to patch a hole in drywall, regardless if it is a big or a small one.

Do It Yourself Home Improvement Tips

If you are the type of person who likes to do things by himself, you might be interested in do it yourself home improvement projects. In today’s world when hiring a professional carpenter, plumber, or electrician can cost you hundreds of dollars, you should think about taking matters into your own hands. That is to say, learn how to do things by yourself. This way, you can save money and you can also learn a lot from your experience. Not only that but do it yourself home improvement projects are a great and useful hobby that will reduce stress and tension.

If you want o know some great do it yourself home improvement tips and ideas, you should take a look at the following advice.

  • Make a list of the things that you want to construct or repair at home. Is it the leaking sink or bathtub? Or maybe it is the faulty wiring. Do you want to construct additional shelves for extra storage? Or are you planning to build a tool shed in your backyard? Whatever your project is, try to make them one at a time. Do not try to do everything at once or you will get overwhelmed. Make a list of the things that you need to do and check them off one by one once you have finished the project.
  • You should have the basic and additional tools that every DIY-er needs. Your tool kit should include a manual and electric saw, hammer, nails, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, yards of wires, tacks, and so on. it is important to keep them all in one safe place where you can easily access them and where they are out of your children and pets’ reach.
  • You should also research before you construct anything. If you want to build a shelf, browse the internet for some downloadable plans. Or if you know how to make plans, you can also do it yourself.

28 May 2015

A Diary Of A Damsel in Acoustic Guitar

I can say that I am a typical damsel in distress who dreams of marrying her prince one day. Well, like any other girls, I have my dream dates, my dream wedding and my dream guy. However, I think I am the only damsel who can play the acoustic guitar, hang out with guys most of the time and dress up in a funky way. I am a certified acoustic guitar jammer.

I play in acoustic bars almost every weekend. I meet different people with unlikely personalities and different situations. Most of the time, I play my acoustic guitar without minding the people around me for they sometimes annoy me. There are a lot of guys who are interested to meet me but I find them a waste of time. So you might wonder how I could meet my prince right? But then I again, I would not be writing this if I haven’t met him. J

It was a usual Saturday night with the usual people that hang around the bar. It was I think my second set and as I was playing my third song with my acoustic guitar, a guy caught my attention. He was cute alright, and he was tall, fair and neat. Not the typical guy that hang out that bar and definitely a new face there. Hence, I thought that he was too fine for me so I ignored the thought of getting to know him. But the unexpected happened.

After my second set, the waiter approached me and gave me a drink. He said it was from the guy from across the bar. When I looked to checked who it was from, I was shocked to see that it was from that cute guy. After a while, he came over to my table to have a little chat. Before I know it, three hours have already passed and that I was up for my next set. So I left him and proceeded to play onstage with the songs lined up for my third set.

As I was playing the songs with my acoustic guitar, he was staring at me like crazy. As I was nearing my last song, I suddenly felt the room go quiet. I looked up and saw him standing in front of me holding a rose. He came up to me on stage and handed me the rose. I have no idea where he got it but my mind completely went blank. Cheers and shouts from the audience erupted that it took awhile for me to continue singing while he was standing there. It turned out that the guy had been watching me for weeks and wanted to meet me though I just did not notice him. Everybody knew about it including his plan of giving me the flower. Well, you could say the gesture melted the heart of the funky girl. I guess happy endings do happen.

23 May 2015

Life And Acoustic Guitar – From An Artist’s Point Of View

Life is complex. It’s a series of chapters, a continuous process, and a constant quest towards a seemingly unending trail. Life is a puzzle piece we all try to complete, a lace we try to make into a beautiful knot and an empty portrait where we try to paint a picture-perfect scene we conceive in mind.

Playing Acoustic GuitarYet even how intricate life’s definition is, it’s just amazing how it could be felt and defined from a single instrument we all know and love – the acoustic guitar.

Have you ever caress and hold an acoustic guitar? Have you ever try to strum its strings? Have you ever heard its sound? The acoustic guitar defines life itself for it makes us hold onto something beautiful. Amidst the struggles in life, we continually attempt to grasp something that is dazzling, something positive and something that over weighs the challenges . Optimism – that’s what life is. And that’s what the acoustic guitar gives us. The music it produces brings us to a buoyant and euphoric state and that it allows us to recognize the beauty in life.

To perfectly play the guitar, it requires constant practice. It takes a lot of time before one could play a delightful song with it. In life, we need to take various steps before arriving to our destination. Life requires us to work hard and to be the best that we can be to be able to fulfill the dreams we hold dearly in our hearts. Life reminds us that the world doesn’t owe us anything and that we should strive and carry on achieving our aspirations. Playing an acoustic guitar itself teaches us these valuable lessons.

An acoustic guitar reminds us that life is a series of strings. Sometimes you find a chord complicated to play. The other things seem easy to strum while singing. Similarly, we experience our ups and downs in life. You might be at the highest point in your life one moment, and the lowest in another. You can never tell. Life is never just a simple string that we play, because it entails a whole lot of strings that might be sometimes confounding.

Nevertheless, just like in an acoustic guitar, these strings create a meaningful melody, the melody that creates a meaningful life, for life could never be appreciated without first appreciating simple things that make us happy – like for instance, the acoustic guitar.

15 May 2015

Kitchenaid Mixer: A Kitchen Appliance That You Need

Kitchenaid MixerPreparing sumptuous meals or snacks at family home may prove hectic and tedious to a parent particularly if he or she has to prepare food for a considerably large family. With the world presently being characterized by fast – moving life styles, individuals have no time to manually execute their duties and chores, particularly in a kitchen setting where preparing a single meal can take half an hour or more.

It gets worse where one has to able to bake a large bunch of your cookies, since more time will be consumed on tiding the cluttered kitchen in the aftermath of such baking. However, if one wants to avoid the dirt and grime that is usually associated with a long day of baking and cooking, he or she should consider checking out the Artisan – one of the KitchenAid’s celebrated standing up mixers presently on the commercial markets. This article takes a comprehensive glimpse at this mixer.

The Artisan – best standing mixer from KitchenAid serves to supplement one’s cooking requirements and preferences alike. What is more, it is one of those kitchen mixers meticulously designed to be used in tandem with the aesthetics of modern day kitchen. It has a stainless steel bowl with capacity to hold 5 qts of anything one wants to mix. Having said so, one could argue that any conventional kitchen mixer is with capacity to also perform this function (mix). Those of this opinion are not outright wrong. However, only the Artisan from KitchenAid bears the capacity to concurrently advance an array of natural beauty and lightweight mixing electric power to one’s kitchen. More even, these Artisan mixers from KitchenAid come in 20 different colors, allowing one to settle on that which he or she deems consistent with his or her kitchen. One is spoilt of choices when it comes to colors to choose from.

Artisan from KitchenAidTrending reviews from customers who have acquired and actually utilized this Kitchenaid Artisan indicate that individuals strongly valued its small size, total capacity and the powerful motor that it features. In essence, this bears an implication that cooks want those devices that will effectively and efficiently aid them realize the desired results. Reviews are crucial and thus should be incorporated in guiding one make an informed decision before product acquisition. Positive reviews with this mixer serves to demonstrate the quality and convenience that accompany it.

Every ardent baking enthusiast and home cook longs for a machine that will aid him or her perform kitchen chores without expending much time. Such is the Artisan from KitchenAid, which helps one save effort and time.

Various benefits one can possibly realize just by utilizing this Kitchenaid mixer.

Just like other mixers from KitchenAid , this mixer features an impressive motor that will have more than three hundred watts of mixing electric power. Such power is sufficient for preparing large cookie dough batches as well as making homemade creams. It is just the perfect kitchen mixer if one needs to realize desired baking results. It is on the strength of such powers that this mixer distinctively stands out with other traditional kitchen mixers.

  • Cooking and baking require lofty precision levels. This mixer offers precision by providing an aggregate of ten distinct settings for speed. This is particularly ideal for those baking fans fond of experimenting with different recipes and pastries. Extra settings bear the implication that one will be able to accomplish more work in less time.
  • Furthermore, the Artisan mixer from KitchenAid features a tilt-backwards designed base that permits users to see what they are mixing at each point, till the mixing is completed. Unlike other kitchen mixers that are uncomfortable to handle, the functionality of this stand mixer is easy to grapple with. There is neither fuss nor mess, just simply excellence and sumptuous meals all the way.
  • More even,this mixer features a convenient chute is mounted just simply on top of the mixing bowl. One is only required to drop almost all the materials that he needs to add to his recipe and be completed in a matter of seconds. This ensures the kitchen is not messy.
  • What is more, KitchenAid Artisan highlights three types of mixing aids, right from the traditional wire whip onto the dough hook. It is also with a long lasting flat-shaped beater.

With afore mentioned features and benefits, it is blatant that this device is synonymous with quality.

29 Apr 2015

How To Decorate A Living Room

What makes a room with a sofa a living room is if it lives up to its name, if it is a space for living. So when decorating your living room, make sure to put life into it — your life, and the people you share your home with.

Signs of Life in the Living Room

Flavor it with signs of your life. Well-placed and well-chosen photographs, for example, achieve this marvelously, because photographs put your character and your experiences in the space. And that adds so much warmth to the place. Don’t limit yourself to just pictures either.  Put in your favorite things — interesting and quirky souvenirs from your travels, and selected mementos from your personal milestones. Or perhaps you like to collect certain things — stamps, crystals, Star Trek figurines? These objects put your own personal stamp on the room so much more than something that you bought from the store just because it’s trendy. Meaning is key, choose objects that mean something.

Living-Room-LightingDecorate it around your life so that you’d really want to do some living there. Make it a space you  and your family members would like to come home to and hang out in.  See that it is conducive to nurturing relationships among family members and among friends. Make it a place where your guests can feel at ease and at home in, for when you want to do some entertaining. Choose furniture that’s comfortable as well as pretty; pick colors that are non-headache-inducing; install lighting that makes you feel good (and look good).

Also, bring in objects that let you do things that you like. Keep them within reach.  If you like knitting, then bring in a basket of yarn. If you play a musical instrument, make space for your best acoustic guitar, piano, marimba, or whatever it is that you play. Just look around and think about which of your hobbies you can indulge in there. Always remember that it’s your space and your life.

Do up your living room so that it’s reflective of the life that you have and the memories you’ve lived. After all, what makes a living room a living room is not the couch, not the lighting, not the walls, and not windows, nor all the smaller details, but how all the elements come together organically, harmoniously, to reflect the amount of living that goes on there.

Lifestyle Lighting

Your home is your temple, and needs to reflect your mood and build a sense of Ambiance.  We have seen many different ways of lighting the home but this concept is one of the best.  The reason is that it has the full spectrum of colors to select from.


Living Spectrum LED color changing mood lights allow you to personalize your space and choose the color that’s right for you.

Turn on the mood light to create your own romantic bedroom, define living room space into a sanctuary late at night for a calming space to read, make a kitchen bright even when the sun goes down – the possibilities are endless. Here are some situations where your color changing led moodlights can be useful.

Fish tank or aquarium:

Use an LED spotlight or led strip lights to accent the space around your aquarium and accent the wall behind it, or just the aquarium itself if you have a very large tank.
Cool shades of blues and greens will add a vibrant effect of a light underwater sea glow, but red and purple lights are also very dramatic and appealing.

Nightlife at home:

Brighten up your nightlife with LED strip lighting. You can use a solid color, or color-changing lights to boldly display bottle racks or home bar accessories.
To enhance the design of your game room or bar area, use single strips to wrap around the bar stools, small tables, pool table, or dart board.

Now you have it! All the great occasions where these little things can prove their awesomeness! Have a look at our Mood Lights Here !

25 Apr 2015